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WPC approval

What is WPC Approval in India?

The common term for equipment types approval (ETA) is WPC approval. The main objective behind the implementation of Indian WPC certification is to protect consumer rights while the licensing scheme for radio service WPC, short for Wireless Planning & Coordination, represents a national authority responsible for reporting in India Complemented by regional branches located in Mumbai, Chennai , Kolkata and Guwahati

WPC ETA Approval: The WPC is all about Wireless Systems and Communications. The Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing (WPC) of the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) is the national radio regulatory body for frequency spectrum management and licensing, and also caters to the needs of all wireless users

The WPC facility offers WPC ETA licenses for IT and electronic devices that meet the requirements of wireless technology users. Only WPC-approved wireless and Bluetooth IT and electronic products operating in unlicensed frequency bands and complying with human safety regulations are allowed for sale in India

All manufacturers, importers, traders and suppliers must comply with WPC certificate/ETA certificate compliance and regulatory requirements. Let’s take a closer look at WPC approval in India to understand the requirements and applications for WPC certification (ETA certification) for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi internal devices

What is WPC ETA certification

    • The WPC (Wireless Planning & Coordination) division of the Department of Communication and Information Technology is a national broadcaster established in 1952 and now operates through a simple communications internet platform
    • Items having radio and/or wireless services imported or manufactured or sold in India will be required to have an Equipment Type Approval Certificate (ETA Certificate) from Wireless Planning and Coordination (WPC India) Wing, Ministry of Communications, Government of India. This includes features with Bluetooth, wireless local area network access technology (Wi-Fi), small digital radio (Zigbee), and radio frequency identification (RFID), among many others
    • WPC certification is essential for any wireless equipment business in India. Manufacturers and importers of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled devices must obtain a WPC license (ETA certificate) from the Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing of India.


Wireless Planning and Coordination certification (WPC certification) is of 3 types which are as follows:

  1. Non - Network Licence
    • Import Licence
    • Dealer Possession Licence
    • Non-dealer Possession Licence
  2. Network Licence
    • Internet Service Provider Licence (ISP)
    • Experimental Licence
  3. Equipment type Approval (ETA)

1. Non - Network Licence .

These licenses are issued to distributors of cable TV, wireless products and other non-network service providers. This license is needed to sell, buy and import specific wireless devices. If you are an integrated business with the right people for your device or service, WPC will grant you a non-connection-only license. These are of 3 types:

o Import licenses - Import licenses are issued for wireless exports to India. This licensee is allowed to sell its wireless products in the territory of India.

o Dealer Occupancy License - WPC issues a dealer occupancy license to an individual/organization that is a seller and distributor of wireless products.

o WPC issues a non-vendor occupancy license to an individual/organization that does not operate wireless equipment and does not have any license from WPC.

2. Network Licensing - .

A company seeking to provide communication licenses on restricted national radio frequencies, including mobile networks, cable and DTH, will be granted

o Internet Service Provider (ISP) License - Any organization that wants to provide internet services must obtain an ISP license from the Department of Telecommunications (DoT).

o Experimental License - Any organization or individual who wishes to conduct testing or research on wireless gadgets must obtain an experimental license from the WPC Department

3. Equipment Approval & WPC ETA Certificate - .

While importing a product, we should always keep a question in mind. What are the compliance requirements for my product? Especially if it is a Bluetooth device or an RF ID based device, make sure it must have the same WPC ETA certificate. Now let’s talk more about what is a WPC ETA Certificate:

Equipment Type Approval (ETA) is an approval that must be obtained from WPC before any wireless equipment is imported into India which operates in an unlicensed frequency band WPC ETA certificate will also be required for any product manufactured in India. Such devices include Bluetooth devices, mobile phones, Wi-Fi technology, RFID, and more.

If the product is manufactured in India and the RF module(s) containing the ETA are installed without modification/modification, a separate WPC ETA approval is not required for such finished product. However, if the products are manufactured outside India, WPC ETA certification is required before importing any products. If the RF modules are separated, the ETA applies to the RF module.

WPC ETA certification can be obtained by submitting a self-declaration for wireless products that meet the following conditions:

o Products exempted from foreign licensing requirements as per EXIM provisions of DGFT.

o Operation in unlicensed frequency band

For example: mobile handsets, smartphones, electronic notepads, laptops, smartwatches, accessories including SRDs, microphone, headphones, speakers, earphones, printers, scanners, mice, keyboard, TVs, cameras, and more.

The WPC ETA certificate for a product not falling under the above categories can be obtained by applying online through the regular procedures for relevant RLOs such as, drones and special cameras.

WPC Import License: The import of equipment other than broadcast receivers and TVRO systems requires a WPC license for import. Once WPC ETA approval is granted for the device, it is also necessary to obtain the required or desired import license for import into India.

To obtain WPC ETA certificate for unlicensed frequency band equipment, a detailed test report of the equipment obtained from a reputable laboratory must be submitted to WPC INDIA for scrutiny. We help customers test their equipment and obtain formalized test reports for submission to WPC India.

Special requirements for WPC ETA approval and import permit:

The basic requirements for WPC ETA approval are as follows:- .

• For Foreign Manufacturers: All foreign manufacturers having no contact office or branch in India must appoint an Authorized Indian Representative (AIR).

• If the manufacturer has a contact office/branch office in India, an AIR will be done.

• The import license requires the foreign manufacturer to designate an AIR, which must be the same as in the WPC ETA application.

• Domestic manufacturers: Domestic manufacturers can apply for WPC ETA License ETA and WPC Direct Import License without registering with Air.

Documents required for WPC LICENSE/ ETA CERTIFICATE

The following documents are required for WPC ETA approval:

1. A copy of the registered name of the company

2. A copy of the GST registration of the company

3. Identity card and address of the authorized person

4. Radio frequency test report from a foreign laboratory accredited by IS0 17025 or from any Indian laboratory accredited by NABL

5. Letter of Authorization

6. Technical description of the product

7. IEC on imports

8. Purchase order in case of import

9. Online billing

10. Test Reports (CE/RoHS/ASTM/EN) .

What is an RF (RADIO FREQUENCY) TEST REPORT, and how do I obtain an RF TEST REPORT for WPC (ETA) certification?

It is really interesting to know that Indian rules and regulators and WPC are checking every detail in every license issued and issued, and as we all know, one has to go to labs to get detailed reports to diagnose products or in any thing And that is the quality. The RF report is used in the context of WPC ETA licensing.

RF testing is a method of monitoring the frequency of radio transmissions to ensure that the spectrum is being used effectively. In this case, efficiency means that radio waves in the atmosphere do not interfere with each other.

Radiofrequency tests cover most types of transmission, including Wi-Fi, PMR radio, cellular devices, and many others. Frequency standards are required by law to be observed in most areas.

WPC registration for types of approved devices (ETA) requires RF test reports for products operating in D-licensed frequency bands from an ILAC-accredited foreign laboratory or a NABL-accredited Indian laboratory.

Manufacturers and importers are required to test their products in a NABL/ILAC accredited laboratory for importing and selling their products in India or ETA approved. If the imported product contains multiple RF modules, test report(s) for all RF modules shall be uploaded without modification for WPC ETA approval.

Complete test reports of equipment obtained from a reputable laboratory must be submitted to the WPC for review in order to obtain WPC ETA approval for V-licensed frequency band equipment.

We accurately collect test reports for our customers during equipment testing and to submit to WPC.


A mandatory requirement for all wireless products (transceivers, transmitters and receivers) entering the Indian market.

Note: Only customers do not need consent, for example GPS products.

Product examples: Wireless Bluetooth watches, wireless water heaters, wireless home appliances, wireless car radios, radio frequency identification (RFID) tags and readers, medical supplies wireless patient information systems, laptops, mobile phones, wireless mice and keyboards, remote key Lock, wireless headphones and/or ear plugs, music a for wireless music, and some other radio frequency modules.

Process of WPC ETA (Equipment Type Approval) certification

1. Verifying EN values ??and RF-test reports - The WPC ETA certification begins with verifying the EN values ??and frequencies in the product's RF-test report. If the frequency range falls under mandatory equipment operating under a DE license, an identity certificate is presented.

2. Preparation of Documents - After checking the frequency range from the RF- Report, all the documents mentioned above are kept accordingly.

3. Online Portal Generation - WPC online application for login credentials should be filled on Saral sanchar portal.

4. Online payment of government fees - Government fees will be paid online.

5. Online/Online Submission of Documents - The applicant is required to submit all required documents to the WPC Authority both online and offline for a particular permit.

6. Verification of documents - WPC officials will verify the authenticity of documents and RF test reports. If the submitted document is incorrect, WPC staff may request a missing document or other information for clarification, as the case may be.

7. Issuance of WPC ETA Certificate - Various equipment approval Certificates (WPC certificates) will be issued if the WPC authorities are satisfied with the product documentation and test reports.