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CDP Carbon Disclosure Projects

What is a CDP?

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) is an internationally recognized non-profit organization that is a global publication program on environmental issues. The primary focus is the collection and dissemination of information on corporate carbon emissions, climate policy, and environmental risks and opportunities

The CDP is a platform where companies voluntarily disclose their carbon emissions and environmental data. It provides a standardized framework for reporting and benchmarking environmental performance, enabling companies to measure, manage and disclose their carbon footprint and associated data

CDP participation helps companies reap a wide range of benefits. These include analyzing their environment, identifying areas for improvement, and comparing them to industry peers.

The CDP disclosure contains 3 topics that look at the climate impact of a project and help determine long-term sustainability. The three issues related to the publication of the CDP are:

Climate change

Includes climate risks & opportunities,GHG emiisions and energy data and climate targets

Water safety

Includes water reliability and management,facility level water audits,assessment of water related risks & opportunities


including the main drivers of deforestation,plans to exclude deforestation from direct employment and supply chains

Overall, CDP plays an important role in corporate environmental transparency, encouraging corporate action on climate change, and promoting sustainable business practices around the world

Our team helps organizations implement requirements and helps them collect data in a simple and systematic way to publish CDP questionnaires. The process of implementing the program includes an initial assessment, followed by the development of implementation plans and documents. Our team provides active support and hand-holding to organizations in order to achieve smooth system implementation and positive disclosure outcomes. 100% documentation support is provided to expedite the process.

Our team takes a results-driven approach to driving effective strategy within the organization. This simple and practical approach to planning helps organizations increase productivity and sustainability.

The procedure for questionnaire responses is described below.

01  Initial visit and company registration on CDP portal

02  Questionnaire generation as per CDP theme

03 Training on requirements of the CDP questionnaire

04 Data collection as per the questionnaire

05 Assistance in Disclosure preparation & submission on CDP

06 Report & Rating generated by CDP

Carbon credits and carbon audits / verification in UCR

Carbon credits are measurable, verifiable emissions reductions from certified projects that reduce, eliminate or avoid greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Additionally, they may be empowering communities, restoring forests, protecting ecosystems or reducing their dependence on fossil fuels.

Organizations and individuals around the world recognize the importance of reducing their GHG emissions. Therefore, they are trying to reduce their carbon footprint through energy efficiency and other initiatives. But they often fail to meet their targets or eliminate their carbon footprint, of which only they reduce, and in order to achieve these desired targets they need a flexible tool and this is where carbon markets come in handy . . . .

Through carbon markets, organizations and individuals can also neutralize or curb their emissions by investing in carbon avoidance / reduction / projects that remove carbon from the atmosphere. They can also compensate other companies that have an additional carbon allowance in their carbon budget.

Carbon credits are typically valued and calculated as the dollar amount it costs to reduce the amount of carbon (or other greenhouse gases) in the environment by one ton per Ton of environmental pollution the reduction of a project results in one carbon offset or carbon credit.

Verified Emission Reductions (VERs) Also called carbon offsets, carbon credits, or carbon offset credits, they are essentially emission reductions from an offset project that have been independently assessed against third-party verification standards.

SKV works closely with organizations and individuals to provide third-party certifications to facilitate the sale or trading of carbon credits on the carbon market. UCR Registry has approved SKV as a globally recognized and authorized auditor / third party auditor to perform this third party certification of carbon credits.

The SKV certification team consists of certified energy auditors, professionally qualified professionals with experience in renewable energy, biogas and CDM, to carry out such carbon audits with their extensive experience in these areas this will make the process easier.

Feel free to contact us about how you can generate / mine carbon credits for any carbon / GHG reduction (Green) project you have!